Sandeep Sull is the president and founder of Sandman Media Inc.  Sandeep is always on the go attending various conferences/events across North America meeting with existing and new clients.  He is responsible for identifying deficiencies within organizations and communicating solutions to the firms.  Being at the forefront of happenings within the industry allows Sandeep to help strategize cutting edge solutions to be developed here at Sandman Media.  

Fabian Quevedo is the engine that makes Sandman Media tick.  He is to thank for the outstanding solutions running in exceptional form for our clients.  Fabian helps to make the visions of Sandman Media a reality while providing superior project management for the various client accounts.  His hard work contributes to Sandman Media being at the forefront of technological solutions offered for public issuers.

Sooha Kim is the creative visionary behind Sandman Media.  Sooha has a brilliant eye for design which supports our technology for clients to help harmonize the complete solutions.  Sooha leads the vision on various client projects while helping to create the science behind the investor experiences.  Her continued hard work helps manage many of our accounts across North America.  

Kenny Wong brings a wealth of experience that keeps Sandman Media going each month.  We value our corporate responsibilities for which Kenny plays a big part to ensure our great track record to date.  Support provided by Kenny allows our team to focus on our individual responsibilities which greatly benefits our clients.

Guy De Lorenzo is a great ambassador for Sandman Media.  He helps to connect new clients with Sandman Media while communicating our value proposition.  Guy has a difficult task of communicating not products/service but a solution to obstacles public issuers do not know they have.  His continuous hard work assists us in opening valuable new opportunities to help the future growth of our firm.  

Jens Boiger is our European development manager based in Europe.  His extensive experience allows great expansion opportunities for Sandman Media along with additional resources for our existing clientele.  Jens brings a multifaceted skillset that allows us a variety of options on a global scale.