It is very easy to get consumed with all the daily to do items and become reactive instead of proactive.  As a result we have put together a quick checklist to help use as a guide for quick quarterly/semiannual maintenance of your firms online presence


It's always good practice to test the subscription feature on your website and know where it's going, how it's being handled, does it comply with CASL, are you being notified, and so forth.  Public companies invest significant resources into trying to reach out to the right audience that it should not be neglected when the targeted audience finally comes to you.  



It's well worth the time to log into your web reporting statistics and ensure it's tracking/logging, you have easy access (maybe check to see if your provider has an app), take a moment to look at this data, and so forth.  This is one of the most underrated items that is constantly neglected by IRO's.  Having insight as to which countries/regions your audiences are coming from at a particular point in time can help put marketing campaigns that had been carried out into perspective.  Understanding not just the make up of your audience but how they are making it to you, what platforms they are using and so forth can provide you insight that could alter initiatives planned.

web analytics


It's good practice to double check your latest subscribers and see if they are not just on the mailing list but actually getting the communication.  In addition, being content with communication reaching your audience shouldn't be good enough.  It's important to understand the interaction behind the communication being sent in order to gain insight to the communication to help uncover opportunities that may otherwise be overlooked.



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