flash to animate

As the misinformed flash haters dance upon an empty grave on the latest announcement, we will happily be the bearer of bad news.  Flash is not dead, it's just rebranded.  The subject title from the adobe sites blog post reads "Welcome Adobe Animate CC, a new era for Flash Professional".  To us this speaks more to re-branding than change of direction.  Evidence of this is that the authoring environment appears to be the exact same with some enhancements.  

A lot of stereotypes exist due to the negative press given to the Flash Player which has seen it's best days come and go.  This should not be confused with Flash the program which has the award winning Adobe Air which in turn has been responsible for many well known apps.  To break it down for those who are new, the content produced via the flash player is ONLY ONE of the by products (export) of the Flash program.  Just like Photoshop can export to .jpg, .gif, .png, etc.  Therefore to label an entire platform based on only one of it's by products is very naive.  Especially when those who put it down are many of the ones touting HTML5 which is ALSO A BY PRODUCT OF FLASH!   

From Adobe's point of view we believe this to be a brilliant marketing strategy as the platform itself has the ability to carry on doing great things so to remove any negative connotation associated with it can help bring an unbiased perspective to see what the people in the know have known all along.

Just imagine all the buzz from people wanting to know about this so called 'new' program called animate even though it's the exact same thing just without the Flash branding.  

Regardless of the negative associate Flash had, it still created a brand around the term Flash.  For this reason it is sad to see the Flash brand get withered away and not replaced with another unique brand as we don't see ourselves branding the word 'animate' the same at this point.  

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