As an investor we are hurried online so the need to get information quick is very important.  As a result, we find it extremely frustrating when public issuers: 

1. Do not have a search feature on the site - Without this we are left to comb through the site to find what we want when we could have found it relatively quickly through a search feature.  Not all sites are the same and not all sites have the same amount of information so in certain situations it can be significantly more frustrating.

2. Use external sources to populate information without proper integration (news, financial data, etc) - In cases like this, even when the search feature is present, it becomes futile due to the fact that it will mislead us as the investor to thinking the information showing up with 0 results is not present when it actually is.  From our research of listed issuers on the OTC, NYSE, and Nasdaq we have found an significantly high number of issuers falling into this category.


Investors these days are busy people and on the go.  There are no longer only a few platforms of choice to the consumer so not having a mobile compatible web platform is missing a large percentage of your audience.  Online audiences are not known to be patient so if the next deal is set up for mobile when it's required then your deal can easily become a to do that never happens to the investor all because your platform does not have the reach required in today's day and age.



Looking at statistics from client accounts we've found on average 64% of the visitors stay on the site within 10 seconds.  In addition, 11% of visitors stay on the site within 20.  Therefore, it's clear that the IR website has a short window to draw in the investor.  As a result, we do not want to spend that short period of time: airborneinfographic

1. Thinking

2. Reading more than required

3. Looking all over the homepage for clarity on what you do

We would much rather have an infograph explaining your key points.  Not a detailed infograph on the homepage either but one that is straight to the point while offering us the option to explore more if you've caught our eye.  If you've had to put more text down than preferred then is it formatted in a way that allows the investor to skim and make some sense of it?  These are all things that can be avoided with planning.


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