Our simple answer is NO.  Actually it’s a big HELL NO!  We don’t buy rotten vegetables for twice the price at the grocery store because the clerk was nice to us so why not choose your web provider by actually viewing their CMS platforms instead of going off a smooth talking sales rep?  In today’s environment let’s not look to our CMS for only our content when analyzing.

Financial Market Data

Market data

Every IR professional will agree that it’s apt to know financial information on your company beyond what’s shown on the face value (stock price, volume, etc).  What perception does it give to potential investors who call in asking questions on detailed financial information beyond the basics listed on the website and your IR professional stumbles? 

Therefore, do you as a busy professional really want to go fetching information to stay current or would you rather it be integrated into your CMS platform?

Web Analytics


There is no secret that analytics play a big part in business today but the busy professional doesn’t always seem to have time to stay on top of it.  Therefore, through integration of pertinent analytics data within the CMS platform, which is central to the company's online communication then it can be utilized and leveraged efficiently moving forward. 

If the busy professional doesn’t have to go fetching yet another valuable asset then we are providing greater value to the client by adding value to their CMS platform.

Electronic Shareholder Communication

Market data

Shareholder communication is central to the business of a public company so why are companies adding more work to their plate by going out to a third party platform to manage this?  As a company you most likely have a CMS platform in place so by integrating the electronic shareholder communication into the CMS you are creating more value through greater efficiency, integrated reporting tools, single source content management, and reduce workload.

Once again, your CMS should not just manage your content, it should do a lot more.

User Tracking Compliance

Market data

Many times it’s hard to predict when trouble may hit and it’s not always fair on the ones it effects.  Therefore, we like to keep as much under one roof (cms) as possible allowing our user tracking to assist with compliance.  We like to know who, what, when, where, and why in order to keep a company’s best interests at heart.

Lets not look to the CMS to just manage the content and add extra features.  It should go beyond and address your company from many different angles. 

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