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"It's not priority right now."
"It's not broken so we are fine."
"It is just not that important."

These are typical quotes from CEO's of countless publically traded issuers (mostly microcap). We understand the stress of running a public firm along with wanting to get results based on their roles within the company overshadowing tasks such as their online communication.

Although what if this was tied to a bigger part of their role? What if online communication is just a descriptive term for a bigger picture of what's going on under the hood of the vehicle? 

We believe for this to be the case as it looks to be a scenario of judging a book by its cover because the online presence has far more layers to the company itself than just what we see from the outside. For example, if there were false claims against these CEO's companies about misrepresentation of information to mislead investors, then would they be properly equipped to defend themselves against these claims? For many of them, we guessing not.  

At Sandman Media we assessed 30 random sites recently of publically traded issuers within the microcap space and what we found was well over 90% of them to not be secure. Therefore, if these CEO's are in the midst of doing a big financing or publishing key results and their site goes down or has adverts running rampant on the site then should the CEO shoulder any of the blame?  

Neglecting your online presence is no different than making a big purchase without insurance. A CEO would not pass on insurance because he/she does not see immediate results so why do they do this with their online presence?

The online presence has an platform in the background which powers it.  This platform can extend its reach to many parts of the business.  It can increase your legal compliance, it can keep your company safe, it can capture qualified investors, and so forth.  When you turn a blind eye to your online presence or website then you are turning a blind eye to your platform.