Sandman CMS Integrate Bigger

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There are many ways IR professionals can leverage off their web platforms to provide greater value and make things efficient for themselves.

Integrate Reporting Data

Understand data required for your daily duties and integrate it with your CMS.  IR professionals are busy with limited time so to manage multiple login's to get the data that helps them is not the most efficient process.  If apt data can happen to be present always within their daily tasks then they have accomplished additional tasks without having to make time/effort for it.

Get/Set Notifications 

There's always value in knowing when things happen which in turn can allow for action when the action is still relevant.  If a potential shareholder signs up from your website then you are at the forefront of their mind at this moment in time.  Next week or the next day that may not be the case.  How about information on your website referencing points in time.  It is not an effecient use of time to be setting reminders and spending time managing that type of content when through a proper platform you can have this automated.