I remember the days when the internet was dominated by people using Internet Explorer (IE).  As high as 86% according to w3schools.  Fast forward to the present and we are seeing reported number of about 7% for IE.  To me the most shocking part of this statistic is that windows comes with IE by default which is a monstrous advantage in the browser space.  Therefore it makes you think how much Microsoft had to have botched their browser in order to have fallen so far from the summit with such an enormous advantage.

Although as a president of a web development firm this is music to my ears.  IE has been the thorn in developers side since day one.  It got so bad that at one point a big retailer in Australian by the name of Kogan made international headlines by charging an additional 6.8% tax on purchased done through IE.

BrowserStats 01

* Stats courtesy of w3school as of May/2015

Based on the above chart the decline of firefox has also been something of a surprise when you consider how much market share IE has lost.  On a closer look it may not be so surprising after all.  Firefox has fallen well short in it's developer tools in comparison to Chrome, the ease of use is no comparison.  Although I believe the biggest hurdle for Firefox has been it's lack of presence in the mobile space.  With windows pushing IE on it's devices, Google pushing Chrome and iPhone pushing Safari, it's not left much room which continues to hurt Firefox.

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