flash logo largeSStereotypes remind me of a forest fire or even worse, high school. When a stereotype catches momentum it spreads like a wild fire.

When I ask so called “techies” if they have seen the new authoring environment for Flash CC or their knowledge of it I usually receive a blank look, which implies no.  Could it be that many people are disregarding flash in order to conform to the current norm?  

The thing that surprises me is that these stereotypes carry forward from many years back.  We are now in 2015 and it’s safe to say flash isn't dead. Just stop and think for a second. If a large corporation such as Adobe has found value by continuing to utilize Flash and even releasing it with their CC platform, shouldn't we ask ourselves why?

All around us we see well-known apps being developed with Flash, which should raise the question "why are leaders in the field choosing flash".  Then people will say well that's all it can do so it doesn't apply to me.  Once again, we need to get our heads up and ask questions.  The HTML canvas mode now makes it easy for non-programmers to make engaging animations work on the various platforms on the market. Yes this includes Apple devices. How many people disregarding flash do you think are aware of this?

Every day I witness people choosing new platforms for development because they have multi-platform support, while being oblivious to the fact that Flash already offers this. I choose Flash because I am yet to see another platform possess the same powerful tool set and design capabilities of the Flash authoring environment and integration with Adobe Create Suite.

What if I now told you that it does even more than this?  With the amazing integration with the Adobe Create Suite you can make animation/video that can export to video format and publish to Youtube, Vimeo, your website, etc (do not need to run to After Effects all the time).  One platform doing all that - imagine the cost savings from a company’s stand point. Imagine the benefit to a company and their staffing strategy if they were aware of the above?

The sad part of this whole situation is that many so called 'expert' professors at post-secondary institutions are telling the powers that be that “Flash is dead,” resulting in classes being dropped from the curriculum and depriving students paying top notch tuition's the ability to provide greater value to companies.


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