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Many businesses believe that having a Content Management System (CMS) means being covered for all necessary website needs.  That is true in some aspects, however ask yourself, is the system you have today the best CMS for your specific needs?  Or are you currently just using a system because you’re familiar with it and have a process in place to let you complete the necessary actions. Although what if you didn't have to get familiar with but rather had everything just flow from the get go?

Gone are the days where having a CMS for your company’s site was considered progress.  Today this is the norm so company’s need to be pickier with their CMS solutions. Having the right fit has to consider many aspect now from the user's experience to the company's internal workflow.  

In addition to viewer requirements, each individual company has specific requirements that are sometimes overlooked when using a CMS. For example, when using your current CMS count how many clicks it takes to complete an action and ask yourself if it's possible to streamline that process. Then approach your web firm and see if they’re capable of making the adjustments you require.  If they are not, then could it be that your CMS uses a one size fits all model? A one size fits all model may work for some company’s, but for everyone else there is room to gain advantages if the company is willing to be proactive.

It's mind boggling how many different login's and platforms companies are using to run their business.  Imagine if there was a firm who could run much of it through your cms? Make your days more efficient and easier to manage?

It’s mind boggling how many different login's and platforms companies are using to run their business.  Now imagine if there was a firm who could manage many of those platforms through one CMS? Thus making your everyday business operations run smoother and more efficiently.

At Sandman Media one glove does not fit all.  We set up specific structures for the CMS based on the needs of the individual client. This is because we believe the majority of companies using a generic CMS are not using a system with the best fit for their needs. Therefore we encourage comparison to experience how we provide a system that is specifically tailored to your needs in a way that is currently unseen in other systems. Without comparing different CMS providers how can you truly say you have the best fit for yourself? 

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