Why Do Companies Choose An IR

site for THEIR site? 

If this sounds crazy, it's because it is.......

Too many companies at present embed IR sites into their main corporate sites.  

Notable Risks associated:






 Recomended Solutions:

Integrating content instead of Embedding - Lots of users get integrating and embedded mixed up which is a common occurance. Embedding refers to placing something ontop of your website while integrating is making content functioning within the site. Always look for the INTEGRATION option to ensure you as an issuer are getting the best value and safe gaurds for your situation. 

Create Investor Tools -The goal is to tailor an investor experience primed for your audience.  Investors need to find what they are looking for and find it quick.  Every roadblock eliminated keeps the investor with you and navigating longer.  As a result the decisions you make can directly impact this user experience for your investors so it is crucial that you INTEGRATE with your website and not just embed.  It's not ideal to have a fund manager alter his/her behavior on your site to get what they are looking for because you have embedded and not integrated your IR content. Would you not increase a fund managers time per visit on your site by making their user experience natural.  

 Owning and Controling content on your Site - It is easy to become overwelmed with the duties and responsibilites running a public company while overshadowing the well-being of your online preasence. However, utilizing some of these key tools will help restore your website's platform and setup easy-to-use monitoring mechanics.

  • Limit Liability - Allowing others to control what is placed on your online communication without you having control of this content is a legal counsels worst nightmare.  As a result you always want to be in control.
  • Cost and Efficiency - Why deal with multiple vendors? Why pay more and do double the work? When you can integrate everything through one provider it is always going to be cost effective and efficient.  
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Public companies spend large amounts of investment dollars on tradeshows, investor communication and so forth. Therefore, it is foolish to not leverage this audience and assume the SEO credits by not INTEGRATING your content.       

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