flash to animate

As we scroll through our twitter feed we see large accounts like Wired (9.3 Million followers), Gizmodo (2.7M followers), along with editors of tech publications and so forth all tweeting 'Flash Finally Dead.'  This level of poor education and high school gossip spreading like a wild fire really blows our mind.  

The flash player is on it's last breathe and almost done but Flash itself has been renamed to Animate CC and thriving.  Some of the greatest games we have played on say our iphones have been created using Flash (NOT using flash player).  The fact that apple has killed the flash player should act as a loss and not something to be celebrated.  

This is because the sheer power of flash and the output the flash player allowed gave us the ability to have experiences that do not exist today on the web.  There were sites such as and many others that would make your jaw drop.  You could feel as if you are in a hollywood movie but could take part in that experience. ESPN was doing things with forms using flash that are far beyond what we see today almost a decade later.  Therefore the great loss to us is the fact that we have progressed with time but not with the experiences we could be having.  

How many people do you believe understand that Flash has been used as a multiplatform app development software powering some well known apps?  How many people actually understand that Flash was used to create powerful animations viewable on an iphone without requiring the flash player?  How many people know that Flash has been used to create some of our favorite cartoons on TV? How many designer are aware of the fact that Flash tools can provide many more advantages than what they experience in photoshop and illustrator?  Yet we want to celebrate Flash being extinct?

Although what gets us is this hatred for flash like it's the devil.  We ask why?  Why do we think it causes us an inconvenience instead of the ability to not embrace it being the inconvenience?     

Most online will say good riddance but we will mourn the loss of something that was like no other in its time and still far beyond anything on the market today for doing what flash does. Let's embrace animate cc and hope adobe will continue to develop actionscript to allow for app development in ways that no one else is still not doing.

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